8-27 Mike Bosma sits down with Darren McBride and Advisor, Rick Reding

05d49b7 (1)Darren McBride, 54 is an electrical engineer, computer designer, and CEO of Highly Reliable Systems (Backup manufacturer), as well as Sierra Computer Group (MSP in Northern Nevada). He was a long time host of the Computer Bytes radio show, a guest lecturer at the University of Nevada, Reno, and past president of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO).

McBride runs Highly Reliable Systems is a talented group of engineers, technicians, and backup storage experts based in Reno, Nevada, USA, that have produced computer backup systems since 2003. High-Rely manufactures durable American-made server backup devices utilizing highly-removable drives with an auto backup system. Use our network attached storage devices with any backup or disaster recovery software you choose to design your computer backup management policy.

For more information, please visit their website.