7-09 Mike Bosma sits down with Tom Adams of Seven Troughs Distillery and advisor, Rick Reding

Tom AdamsBorn and raised in Reno, Tom Adams is a graduate of Hug High.  Tom attended UNR where he received both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Geological Engineering.  Tom had worked in Nevada’s construction and mining industries for the better part of 20 years when, in 2009 he wrote the first draft of what would become Nevada’s Craft Distillery Law. The bill draft was picked up by the State Assembly for the 2011 session but would not ultimately become law until 2013.

Tom founded Seven Troughs Distilling in 2012 with partners Jason Dondero and Troy Sullivan, both UNR grads.  Tom and his wife, Jessica Adams bought out the partners in 2016 and are now the sole owners of the business.  In addition to Seven Troughs, Tom is still an active consultant to the construction and mining industries and is an adjunct professor in the University of Nevada’s College of Engineering.   Tom stays very active with the Nevada legislature and, along with Kelsey Kuhnmeunch is a founder of the Nevada Craft Distiller’s Association.  Tom has been married to Jessica for 18 years and has two sons who think distilling is “boring”.

Seven Troughs is the first licensed distillery in the Great Basin since 1877.  The distillery focuses on historically authentic techniques and recipes and creates true frontier spirits from locally grown grains.  Seven Troughs historic production techniques have been featured in a number of regional and national publications.  Seven Troughs Spirits have won several awards in international competition.

Seven Troughs products include award winning Recession Proof Moonshine and Argentum Single Malt Gin.  Seven Troughs offers the historic reproduction of Old Commissary whiskey and makes Black Rock Rum.  Seven Troughs partnered with the Reno Rodeo to create the Reno Rodeo Legacy Vodka in 2014.  In a long list of firsts, Seven Troughs released Northern Nevada’s first ever straight Bourbon whiskey in February of 2016 to accolades.

Spirits are sold through the tasting room and through select retailers throughout Nevada.  Spirits are distributed by New West Distribution in Northern Nevada and by Barone Distribution in Las Vegas.

For more information. visit their website.