5-13 Mike sits down with Bosma Business Advisor, Katrina Loftin-Winkel and Breadware Inc.

Breadware, Inc. was founded in 2015 by Daniel Price and Danny deLaveaga in Seattle, WA with a mission to lower the barrier to entry and increase access to the innovation potential of the Internet of Things. In June, 2016 the business moved its operations to Santa Barbara, CA. By then Breadware, Inc. had created a successful IoT product development agency and was assisting multiple clients to achieve their product and manufacturing goals. However, the Breadware team recognized that with the current model they were only able to affect a handful clients at a time and they wanted to make a greater impact on the space. This meant productizing the Breadware offering.

The Breadware team pooled together all the most common prototyping and development requests they received from their customers and put them into the Breadware B-Line prototyping kits. These B-Line kits were first announced at CES 2017 and will be hitting the general market in May 2017. To learn more, visit their website.