4-8 Mike Bosma sits down Dale Carlon of Carlon Consulting

Dale Carlon has been an International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist for 30 years. He started and ran the Urban Forestry Department for the City of Sparks and taught Urban Tree Care at TMCC for 20 years.

When Dale left the city, he started Dale Carlon Consulting in 2010. They conduct digital tree inventory/ assessment and mapping for cities, property management firms and homeowner associations. Customers can also Dale to administer the inventory, a service in which he developed a work priority, send out requests for proposals and then insure the work is completed properly. Dale Carlon Consulting uses a program known as Open Tree Map that is cloud based and allows them to collect all the data that is vital to the trees’ success in the landscape. The program also allows multiple users to view the data. This gives contractors the ability to create proposals from the data and to update the inventory as they complete the work. The property manager and the HOA board members can also track the progress of work or inform homeowners as to what is going on with their trees.

We all know that trees are important to our cities in so many ways and yet most urban forestry is reactionary. A city, a commercial property or a homeowners association that has conducted a tree inventory and uses that inventory to care for its’ trees is just going to be a better place to live.

To find out more about Carlon Consulting, check out their website.