4-1 Mike Bosma sits down with Bill Sero of Professional Institute of Technology

Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, and a graduate of Ohio State University,  Bill Sero recently moved to Reno to be closer to his two sons. Bill has over 16 years of experience in post-secondary education working with proprietary schools in Ohio as a Career Services Director, School Director and as an Education Consultant.  Bill is now the School Director for the Professional Institute of Technology in Reno.

One of Bill’s main objectives in Northern Nevada is to help educate individuals and employers about the benefits of Workforce Development. Workforce Development initiatives aim to deliver targeted education, training and employment support services that allow individuals to improve their opportunities for employment. These initiatives assist governments, universities and training institutions to better understand and anticipate the changing demand for skills. They also build tools that bring together job seekers and employers.

As the Director of the Professional Institute of Technology, Bill’s goal is to bring more and more skilled job seekers together with Northern Nevada employers.

If you would like to find out more about Professional Institute of Technology, visit their website.