2-25 Mike Bosma sits down with Chris Yount of Fortifiber

President of Fortifiber, a third generation family company headquartered in Northern Nevada.  The company manufactures products used in construction that protect structures from moisture and problems like mold that can result when buildings leak.

Some people might think that taking the reins of a family company is easy.  In Chris Yount’s case, it was anything but.  He became president of Fortifiber in May of 2010, with the housing sector in a horrifying tailspin.  He was forced to dramatically restructure the business. But “survival” does not characterize his success.  He was building for the future. Since his take over, he has done the following:

  • Revenue by 2015 was more than double the 2010 level
  • Profits in 2016 were the highest in company history
  • During his tenure, the company has added 20 permanent jobs in Northern NV
  • The company has recently invested $3.5 million in technology and manufacturing to foster long-term growth
  • He is deeply committed to sustainable manufacturing practices and “walks the talk”.  He led the company’s initiative to install 1,800 solar panels on the roof of the Fortifiber factory, generating over 900 megawatts a year.
  • Notable awards: Northern Nevada 20 under 40; EDAWN Leader in Sustainability; EDAWN Employees First; Construction Industry 40 under 40 (Pro Builder)

Listen to the show now and find out how Chris Yount and Fortifiber was able to be so successful. If you would like more information on the Fortifiber, check out their website.