12-9 Bosma sits down with Scott Clark from The Spa & Sauna Co.

“Not Your Father’s Hot Tub”

Shelly’s father originally owned the company.  Shelly started learning the company from manufacturing, then the accounting and other aspects of the business.  Shelly and Scott met when Scott was a sales person and a vendor of the Spa and Sauna Company.   They got married in 2000, after dating for 5 years.  They’ve raised 4 kids, one of which works in the family business.  The business has grown from a small local business to having several locations.

Company History:  25 years

With being in business for 25 years, Scott and Shelly realized they needed to move into the 21st century and utilize new and more modern processes and although they have worked through previous recession years they realized they needed to stay ahead of the curve to survive the future which is constantly changing.  They’re learning to work smarter and thinking about the business in a new way.  Profit matters, but satisfied customers matter more.

Owning a small business doesn’t come with an “Owner’s Manual” so a lot of it is trial by fire.  It’s a process and they’ve learned to look through their customer eyes to present a better product.