10-1 Mike Bosma sits down with David Williams of Aervoe and Bosma Business Advisor, Katrina Loftin-Winkel

aervoe-logoThe company‘s roots go back to 1960 in San Leandro, Calif., with a company called Pacific Aerosol. The name Aervoe was born in 1972 as an anagram created from the three founders’ first names.

The company initially packaged and marketed paint and lubricant products, but its development of its first unique product established its strong growth.

In response to the death of a Pacific Gas and Electric company employee who was hit by a car while marking underground cables with spray paint, Aervoe introduced a spray can that could deliver marking paint while it’s held in an inverted position. This allowed workers to mark underground utility locations while staying alert to traffic.

Kelly Moore Paints acquired the company in 1975 with Williams in charge of the new division.

Williams repurchased the division’s assets in 1978 and founded Aervoe-Pacific Company. With California regulations and taxes becoming more onerous, the company acquired the land in Gardnerville and built a new manufacturing and corporate headquarters facility in 1988. The following year, California operations were closed and 15 employees relocated to join the 40 new hires in Nevada.

In 1990 a subsidiary, Athena Corporation was formed to conduct plastic-injection and machine shop operations. The plastic-injection operation not only made plastic lids for the paint and lubricant products, but also supported the import of portable appliances marketed by Athena.

Expansion and acquisitions grew both manufacturing capacity and product offerings through the 1990s and into the 21st century. Athena was merged back into Aervoe Industries in 2007, and annual sales reached $45 million just before the financial crisis hit.

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